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US Customs Bonded Warehouse

Store Your Goods Easily While Exploring Your Business Options

Servicing the New York and New Jersey ports means much of the incoming merchandise will be from a variety of countries overseas. Van Brunt Logistics is a US Customs Bonded Warehouse, meaning we can accommodate all manners of foreign imports. This special distinction gives us the ability to store goods for a defined period of time while they await distribution. Essentially it allows for storage of imported merchandise from the time of importation to when they clear U.S Customs and are ready for distribution. In addition, we offer fulfillment warehouse services.

There are several advantages to storing your imported goods at Van Brunt’s US Customs Bonded Warehouse. No duty is collected on merchandise until it is withdrawn for public consumption. In this case, you as the importer have the flexibility to hold your product and not pay the required duty until after you have secured a buyer and are prepared to arrange the delivery. In the event you are unable to sell your products into the commerce of the USA, you retain the option of selling your products stored in bond to other markets overseas including Canada and Mexico, without having to incur a duty fee at all.

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