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General Order Warehouse

Transition Easily Through the Customs Process in Our General Order Warehouse

Van Brunt Logistics is a US Customs designated General Order (GO) warehouse. A General Order Warehouse is a type of bonded warehouse that allows us to receive and hold imported goods when the US Custom’s time limit expires for a container or containers to remain on the pier and where no consumption entry is filed. US Customs remains in charge of all GO freight and Van Brunt takes all instructions regarding the disposition of GO merchandise from US Customs.

Bonded goods are stored on the premises where they are kept without payment of tariffs or other duties for a certain period. This allows goods to be kept in a place where they may be cleaned, repackaged, or even completed. Once this is granted entry, importers are given a deadline (such as five years) to pay the tariffs and remove the bonded goods.

General Order Warehouses may store goods for up to 6 months, during which time the consignee may file a warehouse entry with US Customs and pay the duties and all outstanding liens. Failure to complete this process in the allotted time will result in a seizure of the goods by US Customs and the merchandise will be destroyed or auctioned off.

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