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Organic Certified

Van Brunt Logistics is committed to safely handling organic products. Food storage and distribution is at the core of our business and we have put in place an efficient and comprehensive infrastructure for meeting these needs. Storing and distributing organic products requires meeting certain standards. At Van Brunt, we are an Organic Certified Food Warehouse. This means that we abide by stringent guidelines and equipment tests to ensure that we maintain the integrity of your organic products.

To earn Organic Certification by MOSA requires a specialized knowledge of warehouse maintenance and housekeeping and an extensive list of standards which have to be met when storing non-organic and organic products in the same area. Organic standards prohibit the use of any chemicals to maintain the inside and outside of our facility. All cleaning methods are subject to the standards consistent with storing organic products. Our Certified Organic warehouse ensures that you can rest assured knowing your products maintain their organic audit trail.

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