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Supply Chain Solutions

Directly From Container to Trailer

Often the movement of products is so quick it bypasses storage methods completely. Van Brunt Logistics excels in speedy transloading services for transferring products directly from ocean containers into road trailers. We work hard to consolidate your products into one easy-to-access vehicle.

Our focus is on speed and efficiency to reduce the amount of time inventory sits in the warehouse. This is beneficial to retail because it increases the velocity of merchandise and decreases inventory-carrying costs. Instead of the typical 60-90 days, cross-dock aims to break down large shipments or combine shipments for delivery within 36 hours.

Van Brunt Logistic services can provide more flexible solutions for customers who may not be located near freight railroads as well as those who have existing sidetracks but need expanded warehousing. Transloading works for many commodities including finished and unfinished goods, fresh food and beverage products, lumber, paper, metals, building materials, a variety of packaged bulk commodities as well as special shipments that cannot travel their entire route by road.

By forgoing storage, your company can streamline the supply chain from point of origin to point of sale, getting product to consumers quicker and more efficiently. Cross-docking services with Van Brunt drastically reduces costs and virtually eliminates warehouse fees making it a great option for businesses that need to turn product around quickly and resolve supply chain problems.

With Van Brunt Logistics & Warehousing, you don’t just get superior NY|NJ warehousing service, but you are also hooked in to a fast, efficient logistics network that will see to it that your product is delivered on-time.

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