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Overweight Shipping Container Handling

Don’t Let a Little Extra Weight Slow Your Business Down

Van Brunt Logistics can easily accommodate large, heavy, and overweight shipping container in our warehouse and shipping facilities. In order to fill a customer’s order, we must often consolidate products into heavy containers in order to achieve the maximum weight capacity. This reduces shipping costs by not having any wasted space in the containers.

When is a container considered overweight?

Every container should have a valid safety approval plate called CSC (Container Safety Convention) plate in order for it to be used in international trade. This is in accordance with the provisions of the International Convention on Safe Containers of 1972. The role of this CSC plate is to confirm that the container has been inspected and found to be in a condition suitable for transportation on board the ship. Van Brunt’s team will make sure that tall containers apply to the rules. We ensure that the weight of the container does not exceed the maximum allowed limits in the interest of everyone’s safety.

The Van Brunt team is trained to get the most out of any shipping container. By strategizing quickly and thinking critically, we will minimize the cost to your business and maximize the efficiency of your operation.

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